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Kitchen planning – Use Your Kitchen Space Wisely

What to place and where to place in your kitchen? There’s a…
February 8, 2017/by furmingo

Cool & Interesting – Statement Furniture from Moscule Design

The statement piece is something people notice first once they…
February 4, 2017/by furmingo

A Boutique Gym To Increase Your Motivation To Exercise

Project: Club XII Type: Commercial, Boutique Gym Source From:…
January 26, 2017/by furmingo

How to Choose a Right Recliner for Your Room

Recliner chairs are typically known for their highest level of…
January 23, 2017/by furmingo

Practical x Aesthetic – The Beauty of Tiles

Tile is a great flooring and walling option with high durability,…
January 18, 2017/by furmingo

Ornamental Plaster Ceiling – An Old Nobility in Modern Home

Plastering is one of the earliest building materials used for…
January 13, 2017/by furmingo

Design Inspiration – Cool & Chic Industrial-style Plumbing Pipe Furniture

Industrial Design Style is all about proudly exposing building…
January 11, 2017/by furmingo

Condo Design (1830 sf.) – The Magical Combination of White and Wood

Built-up: 1830 sq ft Type: Residential, Condo Who live…
January 10, 2017/by furmingo

Public Space Design – Library: A Book Holds a House of Gold

Project: Library Design for Secondary School Type: Public…
January 9, 2017/by furmingo

Bookshelf Ideas: Living Literacy at Home

Reading lets one to immerse in the world of knowledge and help…
January 6, 2017/by furmingo

Design tells story about how your meals are made.

Type: Restaurant (Traditional Cuisine) Built-up: 1,000 sf Concept:…
January 6, 2017/by furmingo

4 themes for Kitchen Design

Kitchen is the heart and soul of one home, where family and friends…
January 4, 2017/by furmingo
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