[465 sq. ft.] A Man Living Sensually with Exquisite Black

Built-up – 465 square feet
Type – Residential, 1 bedroom apartment
Who lived there? – A young bachelor
Concept – A sensually living in black backdrop.

Black. Large-scale of black. What would happen if this never-go-wrong color in fashion world be applied as the key tone in an interior? Will it reflect a moody feeling or something sad and eventually passing pressure and tension onto the resident? Is that so?

Owner of this house is not afraid to go deep and drama with Black in different shades. Indeed, black backdrop is the bold choice to let home accessories and décors to stand out, and creating a calm and sensuous living.



A compact yet functional apartment. The stunning black botanical wallpaper is the statement piece in living and dining hall, created a sophisticated and shadowy background in this formal area.


Warmer color on the floor, medium hues in furniture, and white ceiling are all set to offset the dark walls, work together to balance out the space from being overly dramatic and reducing stress; in the meanwhile, retained the sense of comfort and freedom of living.


A closer look to the black botanical wallpaper in living room. It added a classy yet sophisticated ambiance onto interior.

Medium hues furniture and soft furnishing balanced out the space in a warm and tender way.


If you are fond of dark vibe, two things to keep in mind – choose warm lighting, and mix black in different shades – look for more charcoal, off-black shades to add depth.


Set dining area near the window sill, the owner enjoys having meals under natural light.


White grid backsplash in the kitchen.


Private Area: Bedroom and washroom.


The private area designed in white color hue, for a more cozy, calming and relaxing Me-Time.


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