7 Interior Trends Dominated 2017 Spring.

Shades of Forest


#1. Shades of Forest

Accent color for this spring is Emerald Green. Spring, a season craving for natural elements. This color adds a touch of earthiness, warm, and bring in the outdoors, best suit for plant obsessor. Placed an emerald green sofa in living room, it could be the best centrepiece for your home this year.


Rooms in Bloom


#2. Rooms in Bloom

Gather together a fresh bunch of big blooms for your room this Spring.  Colourful, grace and pretty, it is the easiest way to bring outdoor in. Flower also great for Feng-shui, as it symbolize energy, growth and vitality. If you love floral print wallpaper, neutral still a safe bet for you.


Wild Things Create the Buzz


#3. Wild Things Create the Buzz

Take down your quote artwork, the wild things were buzzling with excitement to settled down in the home. No worries. We don’t mean the real spider or cockroach, but the hand-drawn artwork (prefer the retro style). From butterflies, bees, dragonflies, beetles to bugs, this insect trend incorporate natural, science, and biology in interior decorating.


Indian-inspired Textiles


#4. Indian-inspired textiles

Indian have a long and rich history in crafting textile. The incredibly vibrant and colourful Indian fabrics is a must have item this Spring. Dress up your floor with Indian rug, repurposed saree into tapestry, framed fabric for wall art, or having an Indian quilt as your comforter.


Geometric Patchwork


#5. Geometric Patchwork

The square and rectangular shapes will continue to be popular. But this spring embraces a rather interesting interpretation of tiles. Combine tiles in different material, shape, color and size to create a mosaic floor, become the focal point in room.


Patina Aesthetic


#6. Patina Aesthetic

Patina is the green or brown film on the surface of bronze or similar metal, caused by oxidation over a long period. It is the art of graceful aging, a treasure from earth mother. With the popular for brass, bronze and copper in home interior to bring an instant opulent for space over these past few years, and eventually comes the new appreciation for the old patina. A new trend to value the imperfection developed over time. Opt for patina hues in design to contrast the shiny metal.


Organic Modern Style


#7. Organic Modern Style

Metal & Wood. Complexity and simplicity, natural and industrial, the perfect balance of metals and woods is the key for Organic Modern style. It embraces all tastes and promotes a neutral aesthetic, integral everyday living in understated elegance, modernize in moderation. Select the wood in darker brown shades this Spring, deep hues are in style now.

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