A City Dweller Embraces French Provincial Décor

What defines HOME? “Home is a place to strengthen family love,” said Esther, the home owner. Although not a professional designer, Esther has an eye for pulling pieces, cleverly integrates French décor elements with soothing color scheme, incorporate history and family, to create a simple, practical yet still elegant French Provincial interior.



Entrance hall may be non-essential for many houses. But for Esther, entrance hall creates the first impression of the interior, also, it serves as a buffer zone, to make sure home owner look perfect before welcoming their guests.

A mirror on the wall optically enlarges the space, also give a chance to last check before leaving the house.



Art piece, indoor plant, lighting fixtures and charmingly-faded carved desk, Esther brought of taste of French to her urban home.



View from entrance hall to living room.



Shades of beige, white and sand – the classic combo created a relaxing atmosphere in living room to reduce stress and anxiety. With rich details objects, plastered walls and soft colour palettes; Oui! this house embraces French style even more.

The owner opted for oversize deep-buttoned sofa, to separate social area from kids play corner.


“Kids are so much energetic than adults,” Esther said with laugh. “That’s the reason why we arrange a recliner in kids play corner.”
Crammed and lie back into a comfy recliner placed beside the window, and enjoyed the time playing together with their children, is the most enjoyable moment after a hard day.

The set of 3 nesting coffee tables next to the recliner is a flea market finds during travel. Lightweight with endlessly versatile, it is flexible to serve as coffee tables or reading nook.


Having two kids in home, the couple avoids using square furniture with sharp edges for safety concern.  Most of the home furniture are curved and rounded to prevent kids being injured at home.


Window sill with hidden storage underneath.


Chinese mahjong table well blends in a French style home. An art piece from friend hanging on wall.


Sturdy and stable. The pink color dining table with Art-decor legs. The counter top is expandable for extra seating.




Lighting make a statement in this house. Lantern, pendant light, wall light, table lamp and even candle work handsomely to add magical look in this home.


Clean and uncluttered, a white-on-white design that can go a long way.


A sliding door to block off cooking smells.



Kitchenware being display as part of the kitchen’s decor.


French style continues in the master bedroom in sophisticated and simple way. The beige floral trail wallpaper give the room a touch of subtle elegance.



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