A Young Lady Personalize The Rented House Into Her “Home For Now”

Living in a rented apartment, Yanzi is a professional photographer, a young lady full of creative ideas and fresh inspiration. Although just nesting temporarily, Yanzi transformed the space into a “home for now”, a place truly show off her style and taste.



Before Makeover: An empty one bedroom apartment with white walls and wooden flooring.  The large windows allow ample of natural light to filter in, is the most wonderful part of this house.


Lifestyle should never be compromise, after makeover, Yanzi personalised the rented house into her “home for now”.



Hallway – The narrow corridor has been turning into a cozy hallway with a huge amount of personality. A cabinet for shoes storage, also as a display space to arrange home accessories. Few hooks on the wall to hang bags and camera, to make daily items part of the décor.



The frame chalkboard is versatile with functional usage and aesthetic value. Yanzi use it for writing memo, notes or doodle for fun. And, today’s theme is Sponge Bob.




A living room embracing sunshine – Sunlight also a design material in this home. Yanzi believe sunlight make life happier. The relaxed-weave curtain allows plentiful light transmitted through the fabric; or choose to push them open wide during daytime letting the living space flooded with natural light. Bringing in cheery, warm and inviting atmosphere.



The working area set right in front of window to benefit from maximum natural light and the interesting view outside the window.



Add serenity to the room by adding indoor plants and fresh flowers.



The pop of bright color, accentuated by the wood flooring, grey sofa and white walls.




No nutrition shortcuts even she lives alone, Yanzi has a fully equipped kitchen to prepare daily meals. Dining area also important for her, it’s a place to bring family and friends together to share meals and casual conversations.



The giraffe sculptures are souvenirs from Africa, accompanied by a wall filled with vacation memories.




Bedroom should be the most personal part in any home, a sanctuary to reveal personality and throw away stress. The famine bedroom full of softness and warm tones, truly express Yanzi’s taste and lifestyle.



Happiness is wake up with a natural, gradually brightening light.



Fairy string lights on the wall drape down low like little stars. Fall asleep every night watching the twinkling lights above bed.

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