Limited to 1,500 Sqft building area only,

kindly purchase additional design package for building area larger than 1,500 Sqft.



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Layout Space Planning RM 99
Detail Design Explanation

Total: RM 99


Design Specification

16th floor, Resident 5 people, Children need to be on the lower berth, The wall can not change the weight of each room must have a wardrobe, How can the balcony make use of his space, Sitting south facing the balcony, design the kitchen as big as possible.

Designer Proposal

  • Home door for the shoe stool, above the hanging board
  • Shoe cabinet, Custom Zhiding, up and down sub-cabinet, the middle separated into storage space
  • This wall to push the bathroom 400, expand the kitchen operating space.
  • Air to water heater
  • Combination of TV cabinets, finished products
  • Demolition of windows, custom restaurant wine cooler
  • 7 Custom cabinet
  • Piaofan out of 200mm wide, as a double desk and dresser. Curtains around the window design
  • Custom wine cabinet, top up and down section, the middle storage
  • 10 Bathroom storage space, into a lattice-like
  • 11 The wall moves 200mm in the direction of the bathroom, expanding the master bedroom space
  • 12 The wall is 200mm southward, expanding children’s empty space
  • 13 Build a pile of 200mm

Market Price : RM899

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