Beauty and the Beast Meets in 21st Century

If the classic fairy tale Beauty and the Beast took place in 21st century, what Mr. Beast’s castle will look like in modern day?

Well, it is still a story happened in France. An enchantress transforms a rich but conceited nobleman into a beast, and inflicts a spell on the castle. Ashamed of his mounstrous form, the Beast concealed himself inside his castle, with magic mirror as his only window to the outside world.

A Modern French-inspired design, this home in France is probably the best suits for Mr. Beast in 21st century.

The black interior walls create a mysterious, unusual and elegant ambiance, with high ceiling gives the room a grand attitude. Filled the room are larger scale artworks and furniture, to helped balance out this large mansion and creating intimacy. While the used of brass and bronze, bring an instant opulent for space. A secret castle with a noble soul.





The black painted walls moving towards a moody and dramatic looks. High ceilings is designed for taller people (or large-scale creature) . Grand and luxurious, giving the resident(s) more than enough space to properly stretch and relax.

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Filled the room are oversized artworks and furniture to balance out the large mansion and creating intimacy.



Old meets new. With classic elements borrowed from past — brass, gilded metal and hanging a pair of very grand chandelier, bring an instant opulent for space to create a luxury atmosphere.


3-11 3-12


Huge chateau staircase, evokes the feelings of power, nobility, wealth and magic. Maybe it’s a secret path leading one to a mysterious place.



The power of knowledge, not forgetting to set up a home library.

3-13 3-14

Kitchen on brass. The fashion rich element adds a sense  of lavish in kitchen, blends with the modern French design theme.

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