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Bradik Sofa
FREE COFFEE TABLEDimension:1 seater:Length: 650mm x Width: 765mm x Height: 825mm2 seater:Length: 1160mm x Width: 765mm x Height: 825mm3 seater:Length: 1670mm x Width: 765mm x Height: 825mmCoffee table:Leng..
RM1,580.00 RM2,480.00
Dimension:Set: H780mm x D1580mm/ 860 x W2590mmL-Shape: H780mm x D1580mm x W970 / SH450mm x SD1330mm x SW710mm2- Seater: H780mm x D860mm x W1620mm / SH450 x SD580 x SW1370..

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Gedik Sofa
Dimension:1 seater:Height: 890mm x Diameter: 765mm x Width: 700mmSit Height: 490mm xSit Diameter: 545mm x Sit Width: 490mm2 seater:Height: 890mm x Diameter: 765mm x Width:1320mmSit Height: 490mm x Sit Diameter:545mm x Sit Width:1110mm3 seater:Height:..
Komfy Tea Set ( 1+2)
Dimension:Chair:Height: 840mmWidth: 670mmDiameter: 700mmSit height:460mmSit Width: 470mmSit Diameter: 500mm..

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Kush Kush Sofa
Dimension:1 seater:Height: 690mmDiameter: 970mmWidth: 990mmSit Height: 420mmSit Diameter:570mmSit Width: 550mm2 seater:Height: 690mmDiameter: 970mmWidth: 1550mmSit Height: 420mmSit Diameter:570mmSit Width: 1110mm3 seater:Height: 690mmDiameter: 970mmW..

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Monzy Sofa
Dimension:1 seater:Height: 700mmDiameter: 895mmWidth: 1050mmSit Height: 400mmSit Diameter:730mmSit Width: 750mm2 seater:Height: 700mmDiameter: 895mmWidth: 1820mmSit Height: 400mmSit Diameter:730mmSit Width: 1520mm3 seater:Height: 700mmDiameter: 895mm..
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