Home Design Trends that are OUT this Spring

It’s time to say good bye. These once popular design trends will fade away this spring.



#1 All White: 

White always the favourite shades of modern interior design. As we can see walls, floor, ceilings, and fabric all in white. Yes, white is bright and calming, but now it’s boring. The eclectic style is on the rise, diversity in the palette brings energy into your living space.



#2 Blonde Wood:

Wooden furniture always a classic choice for home interior, and, blonde wood has dominated the market over the past few years. We can’t go wrong with wood, but it doesn’t mean it has to be the same old.

This year, the design world desire for a deeper tone to increase the degree of warmth in interior surfaces. Reclaimed wood or objects with an old touch were a hot trend too.



#3 Copper:

Shiny and glamour, copper is a subtle yet elegant metal to accent your home. The concern is – aren’t we just have too much copper in last few years? As too much of them is affectation, why not trying to mix up metals to achieve a more eclectic and sophisticated palette?



#4 Quote Artwork:

Yes, we agreed that quote artwork is motivational and inspirational. But it’s now the time to move away from quote artworks. Abstract arts, botanical subjects, insect themes are hot in market to replace quote artwork.

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