Interior Design/Renovation Ideas: Geometry Funs in Kid’s Room

Thinking to create an ideal growth environment for your child to growth? Whether it’s a girl’s room, a boy’s room or nursery, Geometry elements are one of the clever ideas that can easily blends into various types of interior design theme to turn a boring space into a kid’s heaven. We have some interior design& renovation ideas for you here! Let’s the imagination starts…


Circles/ Polka Dots:



Circles/ Polka Dots: There is such a saying: Men like straight lines and women like polka dots. “Polka Dots” display attention to detail. Afraid to be too girly? Then, you may choose monotone dots to create a gender-neutral space, or display with lots of colors for a cheerful spirit in any renovations.


Sprinkle Fun



Sprinkle Fun: Use a little embellishment while making art. The combined of different curved-shapes in various colors formed a Memphis charm. While the “Sprinkle” triangles just like the fairy dust spilled on human world.



Kaleidoscope Triangle




Kaleidoscope Triangle: The triangle neatly arranged to become a striking feature wall that stands out. Fun and unique, no matter monotone or colourful, they’ve already added a cool and contemporary feel to your interior.


Straight Stripes




Straight Stripes: Yes, the whole worlds love stripes. Stripes that typically in same width are crisps, clean yet relaxing. Bringing a summer breezes or navy feel into kid’s room design.


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