Interior Design Story: Back to Basic of Home Usage


Less is More. The design of this home aims to bring back the pureness and basic of space function.

The design direction of this home is “Back to basic of home usage”, to focus on the function of space without being distracted by the decorative elements. Used only clean lines and neutral colours, to achieve a simple yet timeless interior design style.


Let’s get into details.
The grey and white square chessboard rug accents the space.  While A splash of bright yellow being infused in this living area to break out the dull and boring of the neutral tones.

Take a closer look, you will see a nesting table set that can be used individually or be pushed together to save space.


Separated the kitchen and living room, is a wall of glass. The used of transparent material allows abundant sunlight to flood into kitchen, create a clean and modern atmosphere even in cooking nook.


Polished marble top and wooden body, this kitchen side table adds charm to a room.



Contrast with the open space social areas, the bedroom is fully closed to ensure privacy. Nude color wall adds warmth to balance out the cold white tone. Yet, the “Less is more” continues in this space without excess decoration items.


In this second bedroom, the windowsill has been extended as a rising loft bed, waking up with sunlight, feeling fresh and get ready to welcome every brand-new day.


The third bedroom plays the shades of blue. Blue is the color links with creativity and help a person to relax. The colourful storage boxes playfully pop up from calming scheme, bring in liveliness to the space.




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