Interior Design Story: The Hidden Power of Neutral Tones


A mix of black and white, the neutral color of grey usually associates with elegant and sophistication, see a growing popularity in interior design/ home renovation.

Some may find grey is quite depressing and boring, and it is the color to wear “when you don’t want to be seen”. However, the cleverly use of this neutral color, allows the play of “tone-on-tone” interiorly.


Clean & Simplicity


The owner decided to keep the hallway clean and simple with minimal element and color. An art piece hang on the wall as a focal point to standout in the space.



One seater slate-blue sofa with grey tone, paired with the grey color 2 seater, formed a balance and harmonious atmosphere.

A little of light yellow sit in the middle, for the pop of color to make the space more vivid.



Quality and Style:Wooden furniture in different tones and textures, bring in the natural beauty. They functioned as living utensils and also decors where all eyes will look at, built a house into a welcoming and inviting home.

While the make use of concealed lighting in living area helps created a dim ambiance.



Mint green is the perfect combination with grey, echoes the neutral styles from social area to private bedroom.

Green set as the main tones. From color psychology perspective, it means calm, harmony and revival, is a good choice for bedroom, as it provides great balance for the heart and emotion, creating equilibrium mentally and physically.



Home plants, flowers, and botanical art imbue a bedroom with warmth, vibrancy and liveliness.



Ample sunlight flowing through the room, creating positive energy to the space.



A shelf to display home plants, transform a city patio into a mini urban oasis.


Even tiny kitchen can have serious style. The fish print stepping cloth, small detail matters.



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