Interior Design Story: Textures and Patterns, Harmony in Contrast

Pattern refers to some visual print while texture is about how something feels. From public social areas to private bedrooms, this home has integrated various textures and patterns in walls, flooring, fabric and finishes to amplify the external sense of touch and sight.


It’s all about the feel that the materials created.

The concrete-effect tiles and naked wall with thin paint coating in Living Area bring in the raw beauty. As grey, naked and down-to-earth characteristics is booming popularity in interior design field for aesthetic and atmospheric qualities.

The centric piece of this living room is a set of Hexagon Geometric Modular tables, a combination that can mix-and-match to provide endless possibilities. In this case, the designer combined 4 hexagon units to form a honeycomb shape coffee table, whreas it can also be transformed into additional stool seating instantly while hosting a party or having more guests in home.


The four major elements for a functional entryway: hooks, shoes rack, bench and mirror. The mirror allows for last minute appearance check before leaving the home, or welcome your guest.


The design theme in dining area: Black, wood and concrete.
The glass sliding door with black steel frame, a modern element with clean lines makes the home feels more contemporary and with a little of industrial touch.

Sited adjacent to kitchen, the owner can shut the glass door to block cooking smells or sounds from flowing out, or open up for a free transition between spaces.


A balance of textures, patterns, materials and tones, occurred and contrast harmoniously in one place.


Different shades of blue applied on bed sheet, framed art, curtains as the main color for bedroom, for an airy and innocently sweet.


The ocean waves pattern has a calming and serene effect to our mind, soothing it into a deeply relaxed state.


A perfect combination of wood palette works well in this study room. The study table takes advantage of its position to face the window. During day time, the room is awash in sunshine, good for reading and working.


Wooden material is horribly a bad choice for bathroom walls and flooring.
But what if you still want to infuse some wood textures? Then make clever use of wood-look tiles that mimics the warmth and the feel of natural wood. Beige and wood tones give this bathroom a timeless and elegant appeal.


Patchwork or mosaic ceramic back splash design adds characteristic to kitchen.




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