Interior Design/Renovation Story: Love is in My Home


A newly-wed bought 1,000 square feet three-bedroom house, but decided to turn it into 2-bedroom layout, to enjoy more spacious and comfortable life with their kitty.

The design of the entryway leaves great first impression for every guest who entering this home, welcoming right from the start.

The combination of wood an white tones give a sense of tranquil Japanese Zen-like atmosphere. On the left is a wall of cabinets to store and hide shoes.  Stylish and sturdy clothes hangers and hooks on the other side.



Fulfilled functional and aesthetic requirements in the same time.



A view from entryway to living room.



The decisions to tear down space structures and opened-up more large windows, allows sunlight freely flows through to flood the living room with warm and cozy ambiance, formed a inviting livable environment that the owners wished for.




The choose of white gauze curtains to filter in abundant natural lights into the room. Sofa sit right next to the window, great for leisure and reading. Pick a book and brew your own perfect cup, that’s what we called “LIFE”.




Flanked a wicker lounge chair beside the window. A decorative wicker basket as plant holder, an unusual container for planting that can draws attentions.
Looking closer, you’ll find out that all the cushions and soft furnishings are in same natural green tones, create a sense of unify in home.



Naked brick wall giving the modern Japanese-style room a rustic accent. Replace TV stand with wall shelf, placed under it is a set of classified storage compartments.


Small knick-knacks add soulful warmth to a home. Decorate the wall with Knitted Arts, the woven texture added exotic depth and character to the space.



Love is Togetherness. White and pale colors dominated the space in a visually comfortable way. A small dining table is big enough for couple to sit closer.



Extend the windowsill to become a narrow wall mounted table, now the cat has extra space to move or chill, although it’s originally designed as office desk.


The largest change in the layout is tear down the wall and turned TWO bed rooms into ONE master bedroom. Floating flower pendant light, tassel, knitted curtains soften the ambience in this private area.


Staircase side table, a structural yet functional choice.



Exposed closet creatively display the owner’s collection.



Children room run wild with imagination. For their future child (or children).



Balcony with built-up less than 2m2, with a selection of hanging planters, save space for room while bringing beauty and liveliness.



Love is in my  HOME. 7m2 of space is allocated for kitchen area.  Kitchen is not just a functional room, it requires extra love and attention. The owner pays a lot of effort planning for a neat and well-organized kitchen.

The white tiles infused the space of touch of Scandinavian sleek and clean.  Whereas the placement and organization of this kitchen is learned from Japanese Art of De-cluttering.




Except for the floor and hanging kitchens cabinets, they have cleverly let kitchen utensils go vertical. The installed of crossbars and wall mounted magnetic knife bars, squeeze a little extra storage out of a compact kitchen.



A simple decoration can brighten up your day and make your smile.


Patch work tiles, print curtain and water proof wood-deck, bathroom also in style!



Clean and tidy basin area.

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