Interior Design/Renovation Tips: 5 Must-Haves for Small Space Living

The most important concern is “how to increase space efficiency” when you have only one room or living in limited floor space. Here we listed down 5 must-haves furniture for small space living to ease your mind.


No.1 – Trolley Cart

A storage trolley can fit in the smallest of space, to provide extra storage for kitchen utensils, toiletries, desk accessories; use to serve food and beverage for guest, or as a platform to display home plants. With its moveable feature, it can be moved to wherever you need without eating up much space.




No.2 – Sofa Bed

A convertible sofa is a functional piece of furniture that popular amongst modern interior design as it can perform dual functions in single space. The sofa can be transforming into bed, immediately changed a seating area to lounge zone, a true space saver for compact living.




No. 3 – Ottoman Storage

Ottoman with storage is suitable for owner who want to make the most of their living space.

It is versatile enough to function as stool, footrest or, in some cases, as a coffee table. With storage beneath it, provides extra space to store things such as magazine and books.




No.4 – Drop Leaf Table

Be it stand alone or mounted on wall, considers owning a drop leaf table if you are living in a small home. Take the leaf down to conserve valuable space, or raise them up to expand into a full-size dinner table, you can host dinner party with friends even living in a small apartment! For the wall mounted version, it helps extended your windowsill or make full use of our wall.




No 5 – Side Table/ Coffee Table

Side table is a very common furniture piece in modern household. They are appreciated because of its small size, simplicity, flexibility and usefulness in different home area – living room, bed room, dining area, as well as toilet. Plus, they work great with other furniture in home without obstruct the rest of the décor.








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