Interior Design/Renovation Tips: How to Enhance Natural Sunlight in Your Home

‘Ô, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth.’

Sun, the biggest source of light on earth. Sunlight should be an integral part of any interior design. Bathing in light is good for physical and mental health, a house filled with natural sunlight is cheery, warm and welcoming. Here are some renovation/interior design tips to share with you on how to enhance natural sunlight in your home.


Light in Color and Weight.


Instead of dark and heavy window covering, use light weight or light color fabric/ blind/ curtain, to filter in a soft sunlight yet still give you privacy. And, remember to open your curtains daily.

This strategy is applicable in the choose of furniture, soft furnishing and paint color too.


Clever Use of Mirror.


If installing a new window are impossible, then use mirror wisely. Placing a mirror on the wall near to the window, it helps reflecting light to brighten up the indoor space and make your room appear much more bigger.



Clean Your Window Frequently.


Yes. Dirty windows may block out sunlight (and caused bad mood). So make sure you wash and clean all windows frequently to ensure high degrees of hygiene and transparency.


Window in Bathroom.


It is often overlooked in the renovation the installing of high window in bathroom. Apart from bringing sunlight into interior, open up a small window in these areas with high humidity and moisture levels, can help improve air circulation and also prevent water from getting into wall structure. Remember to set it in a higher position to ensure privacy.

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