Interior Design/Renovation: Tips for Remodeling a Bathroom


The right bathroom is important for a perfect home. Aesthetic appeal and functionality are both important when planning for the interior design and renovation of bathroom. We have few bathroom interior design tips for you to make a significant difference in your bathroom.


Shelving/ Hanger:


Shelving / Hanger: Reserve some places for your toilet utensils and toilet rolls by adding build-in shelves in bathroom. For your towels, clothes or bathrobes? Hooks are the easiest solution for any bathroom without serious hacking/renovation works.




Color: Better stay white or creamy color tones for your bathroom since it is safest, timeless, and can let your bathroom look bigger. Avoid using color fixtures as it would be easily dated few years after.




Flooring: Consider tiles/concrete for your bathroom instead of wood flooring, from a practicality, durability and functionality standpoint.




Mirror: Mirror in bathroom not only for the purpose to check appearance, it also reflecting light and visually enlarge the space, make it feel bigger than it is.




Ventilation: Installing a window on a higher position in your bathroom. It helps improve air ventilation, allows more natural sunlight and prevent the water/moisture content from getting into wall structure.


Where to save money?


Where to save money?: Remain the existing piping. Let the toilet bowl / bathtub stay in its original place. Relocate these may cost you big bucks.

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