Interior Design/Renovation Tips: Storage Solutions for Your Living Room

Living room is the main activity area in home where family, friends and guests can gather around. A clean and tidy atmosphere is key for any success social gathering. Here we’ve our favorite storage solutions for you to ensure you can have a clutter free and welcoming home.


Room Divider as Storage

Room dividers which combined with built-in storage can help define the space function while maximizing square footage.


Instead of closing off the whole area, set an open-style storage wall in between of the living and leisure area to double up the space usage.
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Living in a space-limited bachelor studio, a L-shaped semi-enclosed dividers-cum-compartments is best to fulfill your needs to store up stuff.



Low room divider with storage is highly recommended for those small-compact living apartment. It helps split-up the room function without blocking the sense of openness.



Flower Rack as Storage

Living in a rented house without built-in cabinets? Consider to add few sets of flower rack as storage shelves in your living room then. It’s a flexible, low cost yet good-looking storage that can shows your creativity.


Backdrop Storage Wall

Fully utilize your TV wall. But only if you are confident enough to always keep it well and neatly organized, on contrary, it will be messy and visually confusing.



Sofa wall. The long-forgotten (and wasted) background in living area. Let your stuff go vertical, turned it into a wall of storage, especially perfect to display your book collections.




Storage Furniture

Seeking clever ways to hide stuff in your home? Furniture with secret storage compartment is your first choice! They unobtrusive pieces that can perfectly blend into your home interior style and decorations.

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