Interior Design/Renovation Tips: Kitchen Cabinet & Savvy Storage Solutions

The ability and efficiency to store are the main concern while we are designing our kitchen cabinet. Here we’ve gathered up some brilliant storage design ideas for you to build a user-friendly and fully functioned kitchen.


The Hidden Pan drawer:


The Hidden Pan Drawer: Exposed your pans and pots may cause a messy kitchen. This hanging drawer fitted into a thin and narrow side way, to hide op pans and pots neatly with minimum space spent.


Open shelf storage


Open Shelf Storage: For those owner with beautiful collections of kitchen tools and utensils, why not arrange a wall of open shelf in your kitchen? Proudly and confidently display all of your collections, let them become part of your kitchen décor!


Pull-out Drawer:


Pull-out Drawer: Install slide-out drawers for your seasonings and spices, the dark and dry environment is perfect not only to avoid clumping, in the same time keep them away from strong and direct light.




Side-cupboard: Turned one side of your kitchen cabinet into a hidden-cupboard to keep your Cleaning Supplies. It’s more ideal to place these cleaning chemicals in a cool and dry place for safety and preserve purpose.


“Gap” Pantry: 


“Gap” Pantry: There is always a gap space between fridge and wall (and being wasted), cleverly utilize it while designing your kitchen cabinet! This can become another secret room for food tins and glasses.


Three Faces Storage:


Three Faces Storage: Fully practise every face of your cupboard, even the door! However, only place light weight items on cupboard door due to the carrying capacity.


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