Modern Oriental: An Interior Style Depicts the Scenery of Natural Landscapes

Modern Oriental style emphasis on the ambiance associates with serenity and tranquillity, creating a calming oasis for mind in the fast-paced urban lifestyle.


Natural Portrayal


Your home as natural portrayal.

Nature, plays an important role in oriental/traditional Chinese “Shan-Shui Paintings”.  Mountains, rivers and waterfalls are prominent in this art style, to depict the scenery of natural landscapes.

The Modern Oriental interior design style mimics this art form, as we can see the wallpaper reacts as the vast open space background hide in the midst as in Shan-shui Painting. With the choose of earth & stone tones, calligraphy wall art, and the metal elements, together, they bring in the tranquillity of nature world indoor.


Hard vs Soft


Black and White still the main tones. Paired with velvet sofa and carpet, it creates a contrast between hard and soft, to infuse a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, pushing the interior design to a new level of sophistication.


Natural Texture


Marble/granite stone with natural texture. The striped marble pattern with different shades of black and grey evokes the stunning mountain scene. Charm and completely uplift the look and feel of your home.


Subtle & Reserved



Fruits and foliage. Instead of choosing flowers in full bloom (yes, we know that stand for “prosperous and lavishness”, but it’s too bold as a daily-life decoration), go for green foliage with small fruits, to enhance the Asian feel in subtle and reserved way best suits for modern lifestyle.


Furniture as Art-piece



Furniture with Oriental elements. Cabinet with Chinese painting, makes the furniture also an art piece. A minimalist modern vase placed on top, seamlessly blended between contemporary and traditional, formed the so-called “Neo-Oriental Style”.


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