Interior/Renovation Tips: Play High Contrast Color in Your Home Design



Play with contrast, the opposite elements, we can create a strong dynamic in any space. Be it contrast in textures, in shapes, or the most frequently used – contrast in color. In this articles, we’ve selected 5 contrast color combos that can create a dramatic atmosphere in difference senses for your reference while deciding your interior design style and home renovation direction.


Pink vs Green – Sophisticated Nature





Pink? Does it immediately appears to you a Girly Room? Cleverly to contrast it with Green, you can achieve an elegant sophisticated. Pink and green, flowers and leaves. This combo occurs all the time in nature, balancing each other in harmonious way. Move it into your interior style, create a harmony yet comfy scene with nature hints.


Blue vs Yellow – Cherry Optimistic



Bright yellow and blue, combined to speak out a Sunny Look especially suitable for Tropical weather. Infused these two colors in same space, can help promote cheerfulness, confidence and optimism.  A perfect combination to use in dark hallway or room without window, to brighten up the space.



Red vs Blue – Patriotic Spirit




Red and Blue. The two primary colors in standard color wheel. By joining the two strongest color, we can create a bold and powerful statement. Red and blue, also the most popular color used in flags. A combination of red and blue, on top of bring out a modern and striking look, it captures the patriotic spirit as well.



Orange vs Baby-Blue – Vibrant Warm




Orange is the color that attracts attention, conveys friendliness, energy and fun.  Pairing it with pale blue – the color of sky and sea which represent wisdom, stablity and calmness, to create a vibrant & warm space with accent points yet moderate and soothing.

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