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Limited to 1,500 Sqft building area only,

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Layout Space Planning RM 99
Detail Design Explanation
Full House Hi-Res Top View(1 artist impression) RM 670
Living & Dining Area Hi-Res Perspective View(3 artist impression) RM 2,010
Bedroom & Study room Hi-Res Perspective View(5 artist impression) RM 3,350
Kitchen Hi-Res Perspective View(2 artist impression) RM 1,340
Site Visitation x 1 (Preferred Contractor upon design confirmation) RM 500
Professional build-up material, furnishing brand recommendation.

Total: RM 7,969

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Furmingo Design Project

Design Specification


A family of three with one daughter, The room between the two bedrooms can change to study room, bathroom can be separated into dry bathroom & wet bathroom. The main entrance door should not facing the balcony directly, designer please help to redesign the fit-out, but we do not want additional wall. Design a practical bedroom, better to have a full height cabinet. We Want Classic / American style design, must have sophisticated atmosphere.

Designer Proposal


  • 1 Guitar to do simple dry wet partition, easy to use
  • 2 Master bedroom study with single bed and full bookcase
  • 3 Secondary placement queen size bed
  • 4 Raise the original floated windowsill base, place the soft pad and soft clothing accessories, become the second lying area
  • 5 The whole face to the top of the bookcase, increase the study capacity
  • Kitchen triangular moving line layout, easy to use
  • 7 Raise the original floated windowsill base, place the cushion and soft fitting, become the master bedroom leisure area
  • 8 Master bedroom configuration queen size bed.
  • 9 Guesthouse lockers
  • 10 Place the shoe cabinet with the door
  • 11 The walls are decorated with large oil paintings to enhance the artistic atmosphere
  • 12 Balcony lounge area
  • 13 Drying area
  • 14 Hanging clothes area can be set to open the white wall panels decorated weak electrical box
Full House Hi-Res Top View

Overall, according to the requirements of the American style of the owners, I used in the living room and the restaurant is the owner of the proposed gray-yellow wood with light-colored furniture, this mix makes the restaurant looks very simple and generous. Hard on the focus on the warm space to consider, and soft on the use of the classic black and white gray tone furniture to reconcile, in the American style, as long as the fresh color with simple lines can highlight the beauty of the restaurant. At the level of soft equipment to do is to be warm and romantic to do full, rather than luxury extravagant gas filled the meantime. In the restaurant which is to enjoy the enjoyment of the rest of the quiet. American style guest restaurant pursuit of pure, the pursuit of harmony, but not against some small surprises, such as the unique personality of the jewelry and ornaments, ingenuity of some furniture and bedding. In the wall decorated as much as possible to consider some soft (collision), easy to rub (waterproof), dirt (easy to remove or replace the expensive) materials to decorate, less glass, mirrors, metal and other sharp materials with. Poor lighting room will appear dark, and a large area of light-colored floor, tiles and other decorative materials will be a good way to improve this problem, light-colored material with a sense of reflection, to adjust the room dull light.

Living & Dining Area Hi-Res Perspective View

1. Living room TV background wall using white mixed with solid wood or gypsum line with American retro culture brick to do the hard background, soft fitted with the American pastoral solid wood paint TV cabinet and cabinet, to create a classic American space;   2. Living room recommended the placement of ivy and aloe such as evergreen plants, because the living room coming and going, the larger dust, choose some adsorption effect is better, not only can absorb bacteria and dust, but also for the residents to create a good living environment;   3. The restaurant uses a six-person dining table. In order to improve the restaurant atmosphere, the restaurant’s backdrop is placed in a large number of abstract paintings, with bright colors and a huge contrast to highlight the artistic atmosphere of the apartment.

Master bedroom Hi-Res Perspective View

1. Master bedroom configuration 1.6m * 2.1m bed, to the top wardrobe, TV cabinet, lockers and bedside cabinets;   2. By the combination of woodworking to the top wardrobe, locker position reserved for TV seats, make full use of vertical space

Second bedroom Hi-Res Perspective View

1. The second coat closes the closet to the top, making full use of the vertical space;   2. Raise the original floated windowsill base, place the cushion and soft clothing accessories, become the second bedroom sofa

Study Room Hi-Res Perspective View

Study room put a mini bed, both bedroom function, to facilitate the guests to rest at home

Kitchen Hi-Res Perspective View

The kitchen by the windows and doors do not do the upper part of the cabinet, to avoid blocking the sun, so that lighting maximization, triangular moving line layout, easy to use

Bathroom Hi-Res Perspective View

Bathroom separate to 2 section:   1. Entry location wall unchanged, while the east wall length is just the TV back wall non-load bearing wall length;   2. The size of the center wall is 1300mm * 1800mm, the area is small, so consider the south with the windows of the wall to the platform extrapolated 1300mm, and because some of the wall is bearing walls, making the new space just for the shower room Position, while the load-bearing walls are playing dry and wet partition partition role;   3. The main building is required to do waterproofing works, the form size is 600mm from the ground, window height 1800, window width 1000mm, with blinds curtains, because the bathroom for the narrow type, so need to consider increasing the window area to increase the natural light, bathroom breeding;   4. Toilet position unchanged, due to the owners of the bathroom rough room has been sinking, so the two toilet sewage can be treated at the same time, to avoid the toilet sewage back to the problem;   5. Guitar configuration toilet, shower, towel rack;   6. Main bathroom disposable toilet, toilet, shower room, towel rack

Balcony Hi-Res Perspective View

The balcony is large size, we can seperate to washing machine area and the sun lounger area.

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